How To Flirt With A Hot Asian Girl

Published: 22nd February 2010
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Here's some advice if your aim is to hook up with a hot Asian girl. Eye contact is where the seduction starts -- it's the best way to "open the door" and get the interaction started. Making eye contact with her in a confident way, and flashing her a playful smile, is the best way to create an "instant" connection with her.

As the saying goes, "the eyes are the window to the soul," and this form of contact can really be just as powerful as physical touch. But in order to pull off a successful seduction, you will need to start using physical touch during the interaction.

The bottom line is, this means you touch her and use flirty body language. None of this touching is going to happen in an aggressive way; in fact, when you do it right, she won't even consciously notice that you're touching her.

But on a deeper subsconsious level, she will start to feel physically comfortable with you and your touch.

Think about this scenario, which most of us have been through...

You go out on a date with a hot Asian girl, and the two of you are having a good time. Everything seems to be going OK. But while you're on the date, you're wondering how this evening is going to end.

When you drop her off at her house..or when you walk her out to her car...are you going to attempt to kiss her? Of course, you WANT that first kiss, but you might be worried that she will reject it...what if she's not ready for a kiss yet? What if she thinks you're moving "too fast?"

So, in most cases, the night will end with a handshake, or a hug, or you will awkwardly kiss her on the cheek -- as she pulls away.

Or about this situation? You take a girl to the movies, and when you sit down, you want to put your arm around her... or snuggle up close to her...but you don't want her to feel odd or uncomfortable. So for the next two hours, you don't touch her... and the whole time, you are wishing that you could be.

The way to solve these challenges is to lay a foundation of body contact.

She'll feel "ready" to hold hands with her...give you the first kiss...and ultimately sleep with you...if you slowly ESCALATE and build body contact in a subtle way. Basically, you want her to feel comfortable with your touch. In a sense, you're using body language flirting to "warm her up"...

So how do you accomplish this? Here are a few ways:

How To Seduce A Hot Asian Girl, Tip #1: When one of you says something funny and you both start launghing, give her a high-five. Don't "slap" her hand the way you would do it with one of your pals. Put your hand up, and when she puts up hers, clasp it gently in your hand and intertwine your fingers with hers. Hold it for a couple of seconds before letting her hand go.

On a conscious level, she doesn't even really notice that you just made physical contact with her. But you did.

Or, when you're talking to her and making eye contact, and you're saying something "deep," reach over and put your hand on top of her hand of forearm for a second or two -- as if to emphasize what you are saying. Just a light touch. Then, withdraw your hand.

How To Seduce A Hot Asian Girl, Tip #2: Instead of touching her hand, if you're sitting down with her you can touch her knee for a moment. While you do this, maintain eye contact with her. Again, she won't be THINKING about the fact that you are touching her knee, but her brain is registering it...and she is feeling at ease with it.

How To Seduce A Hot Asian Girl, Tip #3: When you are holding open the door for her, simply place your hand on the small of her back (gently) and subtly guide her through the door.

See, her brain is picking up the message that you are a MASCULINE presence who is there to look out for her. She knows that she is with a man -- not a wussy "nervous guy" who is scared to make any physical contact with her.

As the conversation keeps flowing, you can increase the frequency and length of your "touches". Your touches can become more frequent and intimate.

Touch her hand and forearm a few times in the first 15 minutes, and after 30 minutes, it won't feel unnatural to hold her hand while you talk to her... It won't feel unnatural for you to reach over and gently brush the hair away from her eyes, and move it behind her ear...

In the same sense, it won't feel weird if you lean in close and whisper a "private joke" into her ear. (This can really give a girl goose bumps -- in a great way!)

This is all laying the groundwork for you to give her that first kiss. After I've done all the steps above, I like to give her a soft kiss on the cheek after I've just said something in her ear.

After I do this, I withdraw my touch and return to whatever we were talking about. The "kiss" is no big deal. It feels like part of a natural, comfortable progression.

Essentially, this is how you use the power of touch to seduce a hot Asian girl. The goal is to make her feel comfortable with you in every sense, and MISSING your touch when you aren't giving it to her. But this will only happen if you lay the correct foundation.

Of course, this is just one component of a smooth seduction. The other major tactic you'll need to use is Strategic Conversation. This means knowing exactly what to say, which questions to ask, and how to guide the conversation down the right path...

Now before we go any further, please heed this warning...

The advanced tactics contained in our free, 75-page seduction manual will affect women on a powerful subconscious level. We ask you to please use these methods responsibly! For more specific tips on how to meet Asian women and how to get girls to feel attracted to you, download our free, 75-page "S.W.A.T. Guide" (Secret Weapons & Attraction Tactics). Get your copy now while we are still giving it away!

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