How To Approach Women, Flirt, And Get Their Phone Number

Published: 20th January 2010
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I want to give you some brief tips on how to approach women and get phone numbers. More expressly, these tips are about how to approach women and get numbers during the daytime -- since every day you've got golden opportunities to meet girls that you probably aren't capitalizing on.

Just think about the last time you saw a good-looking woman while you were out running errands...and you would have really liked to talk to her and get her info, but you just weren't sure how to break the ice and make it happen?

The ordinary guy worries too much about how he is going to carry on an extended conversation. They might be okay with the idea of approaching women at bars, or parties..."social" scenarios where it seems more appropriate to approach girls and talk to them. (Particularly if the booze is flowing.)

The truth is that when it comes to how to flirt with girls during the daytime...whether it's on a street corner, or at the beach...the typical guy freezes up because he's concerned that if he approaches, the girl will feel uncomfortable and ignore him.

Here's the answer to this problem. First, stop worrying about how you're going to handle a long conversation with a girl in this type of situation. You simply need to get her phone number and email address, and her name, and then go on your way. Save the in-depth conversation for when you see her next time.

In reality, you will collect many MORE phone numbers and dates if you learn how to get a girls number quickly.

See, the longer you try to talk to a girl you just met, the greater the chance that she'll "disqualify" you for saying something regretable, or saying or doing something that she just doesn't find attractive.

First, always carry a small pad of paper and a pen with you. ALWAYS. There are various reasons for doing this, and one of them is to accumulate digits from girls. Instead of taking the time to type her info into your phone, it's smoother to hand her the paper and pen and have her jot down her info for you.

Here's how easy it can be to approach a woman and get her phone number. All you need to do is make an observation about her. Notice a detail of her appearance. Maybe she's wearing a stylish blouse or jeans, or carrying a cool-looking purse. Or, you might notice she's got a cool new model of cell phone.

Now all you need to do it point out that detail and mention to her that you want to buy something similar for a female friend of yours who has a birthday coming up. "Hey, I couldn't help noticing your ______. My friend Jennifer has a birthday coming up and I need to choose a gift, I think she'd love something like that...where did you get it?"

Be creative with the "details" that you notice. If she's shopping at the supermarket, you can notice something she's got in her cart and say, "Pardon me, I need to bring a dessert to a dinner party I'm going to tonight, and I'm wondering if you have a suggestion on something that's easy to make, but delicious."

Want to approach a woman at a bookstore? Use the same idea: "How's that book you're reading? I need to finda birthday gift for my friend Jennifer what's the last really great book that you read?"

You let her give her answer, talk to her about it for a few minutes, and then you say, "Well it was nice meeting you, I'm going to take your recommendation. Hey, do you have email? I'll let you know if my gift is a hit."

In my experience, 95% of the time the girl will say "yes" and now you're going to get her personal info. (Notice, you didn't ask her if you can HAVE her email address. You asked "if she has email." And every girl does, of course. The trick is, you act like she is now offering to give it you...and naturally, she will.)

So now you smoothly take out your pen and notepad and give them to her. Act like this is a totally natural next step.

Then, as she jots down her email address, you say "write down your number also. Oh, and I didn't get your name..."

As long as you behave like this is a totally normal next step, she'll treat it as such.

It's when you ask girls PERMISSION things that you might run into resistance. So, never ask permission when you want to get a girls number -- or for that matter, when you ask her for anything at all. You should always encourage women to follow your lead. Just assume she wants to give you her info, and she most likely will give it you.

After she gives it to you, wish her a good day and walk away. End this quick little conversation on a pleasant note. You can get in touch with her in the near future and take things to the next step.

Understanding how to approach women and get phone numbers is just one of the dozens of tactics you'll want to know. Now, as for how you're going to arrange this "next meet" with her, I have some incredibly powerful methods to ensure a successful outcome...

But before we go any further, please heed this warning...

The methods we explain in the Mack Tactics program will affect beautiful women on a deep psychological level and trigger their subconscious desires. So, we ask you to use these tactics responsibly! If you're ready to learn the ultimate system on how to approach women and find out how to get girls to feel massively attracted towards you, vist the Mack Tactics site for dozens of free tips and techniques.

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