Alpha Male Secrets To Help You Attract Women

Published: 08th February 2010
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You have undoubtedly heard of "Alpha Males" before. Most people associate this expression with the animal kingdom: the biggest, baddest monkey or lion that the others defer to and gets first crack at the food and the most desirable females.

In the minds of some men, the term Alpha Male has a negative meaning. It means the big jock who used to rule their high school, bullying the weaker kids and getting the hottest girls. Or, you might have an Alpha Male at your job: a "man's man" who is bursting with self-confidence, and always gets what he's after. He might be a pain in the ass to work for, but you gotta respect the guy.

Whatever you visualize when you think of Alpha Males, the truth is that most men believe that you're either born "Alpha," or you are destined to be a regular, average Nice Guy who has limited dating options. But the truth is, we've all got an Alpha Male within us. So right now I want to give you several quick tips on how to become an Alpha Male, which come from my own personal experiences.

How To Become An Alpha Male, Tip #1: Displaying your Alpha Male side means projecting charm, confidence and positive energy with men AND women. It is crucial for you to constantly work on increasing your social network. Look, I've seen lots of guys who study "pickup" because they want to master the art of how to become an Alpha Male. A lot of them become more successful with talking to women and can occasionally pick up a girl, yet they continue to feel intimidated or hostile towards other guys - especially guys who they think are better-looking or cooler than they are, or guys who are getting more attention from girls.

Obviously when you go out to socialize, your primary aim is to meet girls, but making new friendships with "Alpha" guys is going to assist your long-term game. Make this a habit: when you're at a bar, club, or party -- and you see guys who have cool, positive energy and are having a good time (and getting attention from women) -- introduce yourself to them. Walk up to the coolest-looking dude in the room and tell him, "Bro, I'm impressed. The girls into you, what's your secret?" There is a 90% chance that he will shake your hand, want to know you, and now you've got this guy as a friend and wingman.

Expanding your network of Alpha Male friends (and wingmen) will have enormous benefits. You will find yourself being invited to parties, bars and events that you normally wouldn't have known about. They might also know women they want to introduce you to. Also, when you surround yourself with cool Alpha friends it automatically raises your social status in the eyes of women.

If you usually go to the same old bars, with the same old friends of yours (and I'm assuming they are non-Alpha Males who DON'T approach women), I'd say it's time for you to step up your game and start hanging with guys who have an Alpha presence and will inspire and motivate you.

How To Become An Alpha Male, Tip #2: My second quick tip on how to become an Alpha Male is that you must stop being wishy-washy, and be decisive instead. Women respect men who lay out a path for them to follow. It may sound chauvinistic, but it's true. She really doesn't want to have to decide which movie to go see, or where to have dinner're actually making her a bit uncomfortable when you show indecisive behavior. A girl needs to feel that you able to provide emotional stability and security.

You need to step up, take control, and make decisions. Even if it's as minor as deciding where to go eat or have coffee. She might not always agree, but she will respect the fact that you have a definite opinion.

WEAK MOVE: "Um, if you're not busy, maybe we could hang out sometime and do something..."

On the other hand, an Alpha Male might say this: "Tell me your favorite romantic comedy, and I'll rent it -- we'll watch it Friday night at my place while I cook dinner for us." Or, "You told me that you love Italian food. Well, I discovered this awesome restaurant that's a hidden gem, and I want to show it to you. Let's do it Saturday night at eight o'clock."

How To Become An Alpha Male, Tip #3: Leave them wanting more. The top Alpha Males - whether it's a business mogul, or a Hollywood star - are very busy people. They're not going to grant you endless amounts of their time. Your attitude should be the same with women. It's important for you to be the one ending the conversation first -- whether this is a phone call to set up a date, or a conversation at a club.

The typical dude will keep talking and babbling until the woman finally says, "I have to go find my friend" or "it's was nice to meet you, but I need to be up early tomorrow..." As an Alpha Male, you must ALWAYS have a goal in mind when you converse with a woman, and achieve that objective before the conversation ends. At a bar, the objective might be to get her phone number and email address. If you're ringing her phone, the objective could be to establish when you're going to see her next. The bottom line is, you've got to have a plan, a strategy, and a way to pull it off.

You don't ever want to drag out the conversation to the point where she has to excuse herself. This indicates to a woman that you are too eager to "win her over." Conversely, when you are the one to end the interaction, she will assume that you're a busy, social guy with other options.

Now before we proceed to the next level, please heed this warning...

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